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Subject: Re: [LDR] Sailor/Cap'n/Waterman
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Thanks Craig I am aware of the official definition of sailor I just had
never heard anyone in my family who" followed the water "referred to as a
sailor. Your response leads me to think my Great Grandfather James Mathew
Lewis Sr. may have been involved in broader pursuits than as oysterman.
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Subject: [LDR] Sailor/Cap'n/Waterman

> >While searching censsus records I find in the Hoopers Island area at the
>>same time a Lewis ancestor's occupation as Sailor and another listed as
>>oysterman and another as waterman. In the late 1800's was there any
>>difference? My Grandfather James Mathew Lewis jr. was Captain of the
>>skipjack Martha Lewis. Any input would be appreciated. Jeff Sarvey
> As an aside -- "Captain" is also a courtesy title for any boat
> owner/operator on the Chesapeake and I'm sure elsewhere (like the
> Mississippi). It doesn't really matter how large or small the vessel is.
> I'm just basing this on informed guesswork, but a Sailor was a seagoing
> man
> (US Navy, or in merchant vessels). An Oysterman would be a fella whose
> profession was catching oysters. I'm not sure that implies he owned a
> vessel and had a crew, or was a crew member, or owned his own skiff or
> canoe and went at it single handed.
> A "waterman" can mean many things and I'm at a loss. It may simply be the
> term he used to describe himself in the sense of "fisherman," he went
> after
> whatever was in season at the time.
> Or it could mean he was in the local freight trade, perhaps. The local
> boatmen on the Delaware River were early on referred to as "shallop men".
> Local delivery truck drivers, so to speak. We forget that a lot of local
> passenger and freight traffic went by relative small boats around the Bay.
> I hope someone has a better answer <chuckle>.
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