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From: "Dot Chaffinch" <>
Subject: Mulberry and Kedges Islands/ Hopkins
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2005 17:29:38 -0400
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I have not written for some time but with the mention of Robert Hopkins I
thought I might try again.

I am interested in your Robert HOPKINS. I am having difficulty separating
the Roberts in the area about that time. Kedges Island is very close to
where I know I have ancestors, Bethel, DE.

Here is what I know from papers written by several members of my
Grandfather's generation and passed on. The Names I am looking for are
brothers George, Robert and James (could it have been John?). James, I have
guessed was born in the late 1700's. The children of Robert were Nehemiah
and Washington (it is hard to be sure from the writing just who belonged to
who. James' children were Alexander Washington and Elizabeth, Martha and
Pricilla. Again it is hard to determine which children belonged to which
one. It seemed that George did not have any children according to these

The first location I have for them is Bethel, DE.

Also John, is a Elmer LYONS, (b: 1888, d: 1913) in your family. He was
married to Vera Hopkins. He was murdered at sea before she gave birth to
his daughter. He is buried in Bethel as are the HOPKINS'.

If you can sort out any of this out and point me in some direction, I would
really appreciate it. It is one of my (many) walls.


Dot Chaffinch,

Looking for: Beauchamp, Brewington, Chaffinch, Coombs, Davis, ODay, Denson,
Dulin, Dunlap, Eaton, Hignutt, Hopkins, Knotts (Knuth), Moore, Penton,
Spicer and Truitt all from the Eastern Shore

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