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If you find any information on Richard Webster coming from Newton, Scotland in the late 1600's or very early 1700's I would appreciate it.-------------- Original message from : --------------

> Early Settlers of Maryland. John Duer/Deuar wife Elizabeth and her children,
> William and Mary Empson, 1671. Also in Nabb Center, James(who works there)
> found the papers that showed John Duer who was to get 50 acres for each that
> he transported to Maryland from Virginia. Also land Patents for Princess Anne,
> John Patented land but did not own it. John is the earliest Duer/Deuar that
> I found in the colonies, except for a William Duer who was transported to
> Jamaica around 1623. I am waiting a book written by a Peter Dewar from
> Scotland
> who wrote on the Dewars. Also a CD of a few books that Dr. David Dobson
> wrote on
> Emigration,transportation between Scotland and the Colonies. He said there
> are some Dewar/Deuars in there. I'm anxious to get them. Too weird to go all
> the way to Edinburgh to find this stuff to find out I have to go to Virginia to
> get the info...I have a book written by David Dobson that would help others
> searching for their Scottish ancestors to American 1612-1783. If any need
> look ups, I'd be glad to help. The book is entitled "The Original Scots
> Colonists of Early America 1612- 1783. Waiting for the Disk with the
> Suppliment to
> this book. Hopefully it will have my Deuar/Dewar/Duer in there. Jean Duer
> Ashe
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