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Subject: Re: [LDR] Newbold Vinson - all of them
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Okay, this is one GA source. This is a list of Vinsons etc in the 1805 GA
Land Lottery. this is the only lottery that has a list of the losers and the
winners. There were qualification to be met, basically, if you got only one
draw ...you were single. orphans got a draw and were noted as such. I will
give the name, the # of draws, and the county in which they WERE living.I
will only note the rare sucessful draw.One comment, If I were a betting
woman, I'd put money on the Hancock people as being from MD. Others may be
also, but Hancock has a nest of MD folk.

Vince Barbara 1 Burke; Vince Richard 2 Tattnall; Vince Thomas 1 Tattnall;
Vincen, George 2 Washington; Vincent, David 2 Richmond; Vincent, Jethro 2
Washington; Vincent , John 1 Washington; Vinsant, John 1 sucessful draw
Jefferson; Vincent, John orphan 1 sucessful draw Lincoln, Vinson, Abigail 2
draws 1 sucessful Glynn; Vinson, Allen 2 Lincoln, Vinson, Benjamin 1 Glynn,
Vinson, Elisha 1 Glynn; Vinson Elisha 2 Hancock;Vinson, Isaac 2 Elbert;
VinsonJohn 2 1 successful Hancock;Vinson, John 2 Hancock;Vinson, Joseph 1
Clarke; Vinson, Josias 2 , 1 sucessful Clarke; Vinson, Levin 2
Clarke,Vinson, Levin 1 Hancock; Vinson, Moses 1 Oglethorpe; Vinson, Richard
2 Burke;Vinson, West 2 Clarke; Vinson, Wingate 1 Hancock; Vinzant, Berry 1
Jefferson, Vinzent, William 1 Jefferson.
Thus Abigail in Glynn appears to be a widow with children and possibly
Benjamin and Elisha might be sons of more than 18 years. And I suspect
Wingate Vinson in Hancock is a MD boy.

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>I now have four Newbold Vinson's - one is definitely the son of Daniel, one
> is definitely the son of Benjamin, and the other two are anyone's guess.
> Nothing I find in official records indicates who the third and fourth
> might be,
> although it is just possible that one is the son of Benjamin's Newbold
> and
> the fourth could be the son of Ben's Newbold's Newbold, as it seems that
> Daniel's went south, possibly to Georgia. Is that making sense? Does
> anyone out
> there have any idea how I could track this down? None of them left
> wills, and
> I only find positive proof that two of them even died.
> Elizabeth
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