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Subject: Re: [LDR] Memories of Salisbury landmarks of days gone by...
Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2006 08:23:23 -0500
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Hi List,

I hope you'all don't mind me throwing my two cents in.

I did not live in Selbyville or Salisbury but, they had the same stores in
Wilmington, Delaware so you'all are bringing back a lot of memories. I did
not see any one mention Grants, or did they not have one there.

If you'all remember back that far, you should remember the price of gas back
then. I remember when it was .49 and .50 cents a gallon and you could get
leaded gas. Also the price of cigarettes were .10 cents and .14 cents a pack
and started going up from there and look at them both now. I guess that's
enough to throw in, I only said two cents.

Take care,


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>> Brings back fond memories of the lunch counter in Woolworth's where my
> mother took us for lunch when we journeyed from Selbyville to Salisbury
> for
> a long day's shopping at Benjamin's (remember the tubes that took the
> charge slip up the wire to the office on the 2nd floor?), Hess (my
> favorite
> "best "dresses came from here) and Vernon POWELL's (where we looked at the
> bones in our feet in the x-ray machine.)
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>> > Subject: [LDR] Memories of Salisbury landmarks of days gone by...
>> >
>> > Watson's Smokehouse, and the Saddle Club, Read's Drugstore,
> Woolworth's, The Fashion Shop...and Main Street was open to traffic...both
> ways!
>> > Those were my college days memories of downtown Salisbury.
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