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Subject: Re: [LDR] Memories of Salisbury landmarks of days gone by...
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Hey Folks--
Les seems to think that the "English's" near E.S. Adkins was really
"Ayre's Diner" The original was as said--down on South Salisbury Blvd,
another was "uptown" and the 3rd came along later and was located up by

Les--being a life-long resident and a Parker at that--remembers the sound of
the ceiling fans at Montgomery Wards downtown--because they never
airconditioned the store. As well her grandmother worked there and is a
legend for chasing a shoplifter out of the store and over to the river where
the culprit leaped into the river and drowned--crime never pays, ladies and
Hope this finds all well
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> used to have about 3 or 4 english grilles
> one on main st, one on south salisbury boulevard, one near e.s. adkins.
> only one left now. could buy one cup of coffee for 10 cents and drink
coffee all
> night
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