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Subject: [LDR] Archaelogical looters
Date: Sun, 08 Oct 2006 02:35:44 -0400

My parents had the disheartening experience of visiting a home that belonged to our ancestors in Virginia in the 1770's that was connected to a historical event and designated with a marker, only to find it in the process of being torn down by a developer who was salvaging the timber for a home in Texas. It had been the site of an Indian raid and kidnapping of the wife (sister of my ancestor, a Kings Mountain Revolutionary patriot) after her family was killed, a well documented story by contemporaneous accounts that are still available. Google the Tragedy on Wallen's Creek, if you are interested. No conservation whatsoever was attempted at the site--my parents just photographed it thoroughly as it came down, and saved a few unwanted items before they went into the fire.

Virginia appears to be miserable in the area of preservation at this time. This building was located on the KY trace, a garrison house built in the 1770's and used as a refuge during the war, next door by a few miles to the Martin's pallisaded fort.

If you know of sites in VA that need protection it's good to be aware that these structures are in dire peril of being torn down for salvage because these businesses are getting paid well to do this. Yikes! This happened in 2004.

Kristen Cart
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