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From: David Heise <>
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Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2007 07:50:23 -0500


The abstracts in my Worcester Co., MD, Orphans Court Proceedings include all genealogically relevant information. Where it just lists the people involved, as in the Ball/Mills listings, they were just filing an account. I did not include this fact just because the actual account is not given in the record, just the fact that they filed one. You should always check the original record but in this case there is no other information there that would be helpful.

In many cases like this one the explanation is that the widow Elizabeth Mills later married Levi Ball, but was still guardian to her children by late husband Robert Mills. Of course, the reality was that all property was in the control of her now husband Levi, hence numerous accounts of wasted estates by stepfathers. Some times by following each listing back in time you can even narrow down where the mother remarried & then find the actual marriage record. In this case, though, their marriage is not listed in Worcester Co. marriage records.

Dave Heise

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