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Subject: Re: [LDR] William West Sr.
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2007 18:02:32 -0500

Wilbur wrote, >>I'll accept the carvings on the stone
as the best information available, with the one exception of William
death date. Only the year, 1813, is shown and that has to be an error
because I have his will and probate papers and his executors filed
and other probate papers as early as March 1812. The estate was finally
settled in 1813.<<

The DE probate index lists estate proceedings of a William West Sr.
1800-02, of probably another 1812-13, and of two others before 1820.
Any of them could have been born in the 1740s.

By the way, a good word for such plinths as you describe is 'family
monument'. The term 'memorial' can refer to a marker installed where
the decedent was not actually buried, such as in the case of soldiers
killed overseas.

Such monuments as you describe have many times been erected by family
associations or genealogical societies who may or may not have accurate
information concerning vital dates.

Good hunting,

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