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From: "kathlingram" <>
Subject: [LDR] Carrow test- Cahoon
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2007 11:45:54 -0500

I had information given me a couple years ago by the NC Carrow that Cahoon
in Delaware and any spelling of Carrow were not related.This was given him
by a researcher ( now deceased) whose mother was a Cahoon.This same
researcher also stated that Caroon,Carawan and Carrow were the same family
and just different spellings of the same name.

Even tho' Carrow, Caroon and Carawan are found on the same census page in
Hyde County NC in 1800, my limited experience in the Surname group is that
they are NOT the same family.However, as I said, this is limited to the few
testees so far.

Caroon and Carawan have a GD of 3 and the computer model indicates they
could be related to EACH OTHER( but not Carrow) in 20 generations at
48.11%.A third Caroon is not related to any Carrows or any other Caroon.

Cahoon, Calhoun,Colhoon and Colquhouns seem to fall into 2 distinct
families, one with the R1b1c seen often in the Isles and one is E3b1a. They
have their own surname group also which includes those of that name found on
the Eastern shore.They seem to fall fairly neatly into those two

It is very interesting to see when and if DNA confirms paper records.

As far as Carrow oral family tradition ( or lack thereof) my Dad told me
they were from North Ireland and that they were here in DE/MD very early
on.Dad had done some research during an enforced stay in Londonderry when
his ship was torpedoed in WWII.
My Delaware cousins were told Scots/Irish as was the NC Carrow line.The
usual tale of "one brother went North and one South".

Those of us doing genealogy research suspected the family had the same
origin.The DNA evidence has just given some cohesion to our speculations.
Kathleen Carrow ingram

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