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Subject: Re: [LDR] Carrow DNA/DNA Reach/DNA testing
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2007 19:15:08 -0700
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I'm the administrator for the KNOTT/S DNA study group. I look at DNA testing
as just another tool. I've been tested against two known WV KNOTTS'. We
match 23 and 24 out of 25 markers. Plus, the father of the KNOTTS who went
to WV in 1780 was Robert KNOTTS, b in QA co ca 1725. My gg-grandfather was
Andrew KNOTTS-he was born in QA co in 1770. So I feel pretty confident that
we are from the same clan. Bob K, PHX, AZ.
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> Kathleen Carrow Ingram wrote: >>>>I just wanted to let anyone who is
> interested to know that a YDNA test has conculsively proved that the
> Carrow family found in Va/Md/De and those in NC are the same
> family.Identicial tests with no mutations. ... Migration pattern of
> Bermuda to both Accomack VA, Quuen Anne MD and Dare Outer Banks between
> 1643-1680s has always been thought probable.( by me of
> course) <<<<<
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> Kathleen, I don't have a family stake in the Carrow discussion (that I
> know of anyway), and I don't mean to be a nit-picker, but as a general
> scientific matter, my limited understanding is that genealogical DNA
> testing alone is not yet at a point where it "conclusively proves"
> anything. Rather, testing can show probabilities of some ancestral
> relationships to various degrees of confidence. Particularly when coupled
> with other evidence, such as historical records, reasonable conclusions
> often can be drawn.
> As a for instance, DNA results did not "conclusively prove" that Thomas
> Jefferson and Sally Hemings had offspring together. Rather, DNA results
> showed a very high probability that some of Hemings' descendants shared
> DNA from a Jefferson ancestor from the Monticello years. Based on other
> historical evidence, many researchers concluded that it is highly likely
> that Thomas and Sally did produce some offspring together, but other
> researchers dispute the conclusion.
> If, for instance, the Carrow DNA testing shows a 99.5% probability that
> the North Carolina and Delmarva Carrows share a common ancestor within
> some given number of generations, certainly a reasonable conclusion can be
> drawn that the two lines are from the same family, especially when
> supported by other evidence. Some of this turns, of course, on what
> "conclusively proves" means. I'm addressing whether genealogical DNA
> testing provides 100% certainty of matches. I suggest carefully noting
> (footnoting) the scientific confidence levels. Doing so often will have
> the effect of making the conclusions more credible.
> I'd enjoy thoughts on how best to express DNA results from others on the
> list.
> Dave K
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