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Subject: Re: [LDR] Carrow DNA/DNA Reach/DNA testing
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2007 10:20:43 -0700
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I'm retired and a widower, so every so often (weekends) I go to my computer
and get the phone numbers of KNOTTS' and WILSEYS (great grandmother) at
random. Then since my cell phone company doesn't charge me for weekend
calls, I call people all over the US. Of those who know anything abt their
family history, abt 1/2 of the KNOTTS' are from the WV KNOTTS group. As was
Don KNOTTS, the actor. LOVE the history. Bob K, PHX, AZ
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Subject: [LDR] Carrow DNA/DNA Reach/DNA testing

> Bob
> You're right of course that it is another tool.It just allows us to take
> "shortcuts" in the known records.The NC clan researcher and I now are
> looking at our respective data to try to nail down "the" link or links.
> Prior to the test I was heistant to explore all the North Carolina Carrows
> as maybe it was an excercise in futility.I am busily adding all of them
> to
> my software now as their are clues to be gotten.
> I think optimally what it does is open up new avenues for research.
> Case in point is my Maternal grandfather's line which is "Faunt"..said to
> be
> "de Faunte" and "L'enfant" and Norman French.Grandpop's father came from
> Ireland to NJ in 1869 as a child with his parents. My cousin Francis Jr.
> tested and matched another at 35/37 markers.It is a rare haplotype/group
> I1b1b.The "other" person ( now we have 5) spelled the name Fant and his
> family was in America by 1709-18.Our history was the same except that he
> felt his ancestor came from England, there being an English branch.
> I got an Irish researcher to dig up records and I find that the family
> lived
> between Fethard Tipperary and Kilmallock which was the family seat..a
> distance of 30 miles (+-) since about 1234.
> My ancestor William Faunt the immigrant was born William Fant, 1840 in the
> walled Norman town of Fethard Tipp.He & his brother and possibly many
> generations of men served in Military.William Faunt sailed to America with
> a
> British army pension and an Anglicized spelling of his name.He came to
> another small town on the Delaware River.
> We now know that 3 of the 5 men who have tested are of the same family.All
> of us shared the "origin story" of the Fant/Faunt family .We all feel we
> decended form Sir Walter L'enfant who was first Justiciar of Ireland in
> 1300.
> One group apparently is the "Norman" one and one group bears a Norman
> nickname but is possibly indigenous Irish.
> Since 3 of us match and the other two do not seem to match each other( but
> they have not upgraded yet) my money is on the Sardinian I1b1b of my
> Grandfather..but who knows!It's fun.
> Kathleen
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