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Subject: Re: [LDR] John Marvel Marvell
Date: Wed, 2 Dec 2009 11:21:24 -0800
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Dear Alan,

I am also researching my ancestor John Dill who came to America in 1659. I
know that he lived in either Talbot Co., or Dorchester Co., MD in 1663
because I have a court record that assigns all his rights and title to his
50 acres awarded to every new settler as partial payment for his
transportation to America. I also believe that he had to serve five years
of indentured service for the remainder of the cost of his transportation.
However I have not been able to find any documentation on his indentured
service or any entry in a passenger lists of sailing ship that brought him
here. I read the information below and thought that perhaps he may have
first landed somewhere in Virginia and then went to Maryland. I am
wondering, did you find any such information about your John Marvel and if
you did could you share with me where you looked to find that information.
I seem to be up against the proverbial "brick wall" on finding this
important information. Thanks for your help. With love in Christ,

George D. Dill

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Subject: [LDR] John Marvel Marvell

>I was updating my ancestor profiles and was confronted again with a
> that I had several years ago. Do I have the correct information for the
> John Marvell that came from England? At the time that I was doing my
> initial research, I found two listings. When I was on Ancestry.com I
> again
> found the two listings. Again which one is the correct John Marvell? Or
> are
> they the same person with two different sponsors?
> Marvell, John, 1653, by Charles Scarburg, Northampton Co.
> (Greer, - Early Virgina Immigrants, 1623-1666 page 220)
> Marvell, John, 1652, by John Browne, Northampton Co. (Nugent -
> Cavaliers and Pioneers: Abstracts of Virgina Land Patents and Grants
> 1623-1666 pages 267 and 286)
> Most family trees have John Marvell arriving in America in 1652 as the
> date
> he arrived, however, that date is associated with Charles Scarburg as the
> sponser not John Browne.
> Also if anyone can help establish where the proper land grant area is, it
> would be a great help. What areas were included in the John Browne grant
> area for the Northampton Co.? What area(s) for Charles Scarburg?
> Thank you for any assistance you may give in this quest.
> Alan Marvel
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