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Subject: Re: [LDR] Strawbridge
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Yes, the events you outline are all in Somerset records, so there's
nothing which seems to point to John Strawbridge actually moving to
Sussex. Furniss' tract AMITY's 100 ac component that went to Bennett
et ux. was, I think, "MILL LOT", rather than "WILLS LOT". The Bennetts
sold it from Sussex in 1703 to William Turpin (So Deeds GI:014).

Well, back to basics, then. James Strawbridge is still the only real
candidate father in my data for the Elizabeth who m. Nathaniel Waller.
This has just long seemed like one of those bottom of the data barrel
items from which one comes up empty of anything but a good guess.


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The book only mentions that Sarah Furniss, the daughter of William and
Olive (proved by an ear mark record for her) married John Bennett.
Sarah was
the second child. William Furnis by deed of gift on March 4, 1684
to John Bennett a 100-acre portion, called "Will's Lot" of his
tract, "Amittee".
Sarah's father died about 1685 and her mother married a John
This is the only mention of a Strawbridge in the book. I was just
it as a possibility.

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