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From: marjorie adams <>
Subject: Re: [LDR] two questions re Samuel Hopkins
Date: Thu, 31 Dec 2009 16:49:18 -0500
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That is the title. Thank you for giving the context that I was looking for.
I am puzzled though about Leslie being the author as he fails to list a dau
of Nathaniel named in his will of 1739-40 unless Baldwin got it wrong. Also
for Samuel Jr. he lists 3 additional sons not in the 1744 will (according to
Leslie's summaries for them one is clearly living and another probably is.)
Admittedly I had access to only an abstract of the 1744 will.
Nevertheless, Leslie's work is a marvel.

On Thu, Dec 31, 2009 at 3:38 PM, Miller's Choice <>wrote:

> Cathy and Marjorie:
> If the descendancy report you are discussing is entitled "Hopkins of
> Mattapony", it is not computer generated and does not have endnotes. It was
> done on a typewriter and prepared by Leslie Dryden from his handwritten
> notes and sent in a letter. I didn't note to whom he was writing about
> Hopkins and I made my copy before the pages were numbered (done by
> volunteers after the collection was at Nabb). The Lower Delmarva
> Genealogical Society contributed new binders and archival page sleeves for
> this vast collection. There are over 200 binders which are now numbered and
> each page in each binder is numbered. The LDGS also paid to have this
> collection microfilmed but that was before the pages were numbered and
> inserted into the new numbered binders.
> Leslie (b. 1914) had been conducting genealogical research for fifty years
> prior to his death from cancer in 1992. His research was from original
> records and every Saturday when he was not traveling he went to a repository
> and meticulously took notes from a variety of sources. He lived in
> Hyattsville, MD so it was convenient for him to research at the Maryland
> Hall of Records (now called Maryland State Archives), the Maryland
> Historical Society, the Library of Congress and the National Archives
> Administration (for census records). On summer trips to Ocean City, he would
> leave his wife and three daughters to enjoy the beach while he went to the
> courthouses in Snow Hill and Princess Anne, as well as (in the early years)
> interviewing relatives in East Princess Anne. Over the years he corresponded
> with hundreds of individuals, sometimes writing them twenty-page letters in
> response. The typed material in his binders were either letters or separate
> enclosures to letters.
> I hope this helps to establish the context of the material in question.
> Becky
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> Cathy,
> The marginal notes are script of Leslie Dryden. Even though it was in his
> collection, the question remains as to who was the author? He may have been
> commenting on a descendency that someone else prepared OR he may have typed
> it from his notes and commented on it afterwards. It would be helpful to
> ask
> Nabb if he was the author. Did you copy p211 or 215 to establish the
> context
> within the larger collection?, ie., was it part of a letter to or from him?
> or???
> Whatever, the sources within are not Ruth Dryden as she did not include the
> exact MD document source in her property histories. Also some sources are
> MD
> Cal. of Wills.
> thanks for the copy. I will examine it in detail.
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