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Subject: [LDR] Fooks Family Bible
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I have posted this Fooks info several yrs. ago. I have from an estate sale a
1827 Family Bible with mostly Fooks family info. If anyone can add anything
or has any questions, please, e-mail me:

This the info:
1827 Bible

Family Record


Ritchie Fooks & Eliza W. Broughton were married on Wednesday 19th of October
A.D. 1836

Handy Fooks & Mary A. Fooks was married January 9th A.D. 1830

James Fooks & Nancy Simpson was married Oct 15th A.D. 1845?

J. Phillips & Hester Ann Huldah Jane Parker Dennis were married on Wednesday
24th day of May 1854



Billy Fooks was born January 27 A.D. 1765

Turner Fooks was born August 2nd A.D. 1767

Sarah Fooks was born June 28th A.D. 1794

Peggy Fooks was born April 22nd A.D. 1796

Abagail Fooks was born February 26th A.D. 1798

Gatty Fooks was born July 2nd A.D. 1800

James Fooks was born November 23rd A.D. 1804

Nancy Simpson was born May 20th A.D. 1801

Handy Fooks was born August 20th A.D. 1808

Ritchie Fooks was born August 11th A.D. 1811

Eliza White Fooks was born January 15 A.D. 1818

Margaret Ann Fooks was born August 12th A.D. 1837

Sally Mary Fooks was born July 17th A.D. 1840



Billy Fooks departed this life 22nd Aug A.D. 1823

Peggy Dennis departed this life June 3rd A.D. 1835

James Fooks of B. departed this life 26 of December 1857

Turner Fooks departed this life 19th of December A.D. 1860

Ritchie Fooks departed this life December 25th 1877

Handy Fooks departed this life May 1st 1885

Gatty Fooks departed this life September 22, 1892, aged 92 years, 2 months,
20 days

Huldah Jane Phillips departed this life June 13th 1901






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