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Subject: Re: [LDR] Looking for Death Date Sources for a Sussex Co.individual who d. c1820-1830
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2011 17:19:06 -0700
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Marjorie..... Thanks for checking the 2 Tombstone Books (could you give me their
names so I won't double check them at some later point). Appreciate your looking,
and ditto for the other items.

I live on the West Coast (CA) so it's a long trip to Dover, but I did spend 10 days
there several years ago. I've recently received two copy orders from the Dover
Archive, but I don't know where to tell them to look for this death notice and they
cannot do research. Long distance research isn't easy, altho much better than it
used to be.

I have several pages from Wright but I doubt if they include p113. I copied them at
Salt Lake, and one cannot copy an entire document.

I know Death Records are a problem almost everywhere in that time period, but one has
to hope that there has been a census of the stones in the correct cemetery where the
target person is interred (if one knows the "correct" cemetery, which I do not, in
the case of Cornelia (McIlvain) Hopkins). Might be Cool Spring Church.

Very much appreciate the help !

Joe Lake

From: "marjorie adams" <>

>I also checked the 2 Tombstones books for you, just in case--nothing there.
> Also nothing in DE Genealogical Abstracts from Newspapers v 3 covers
> 1729-1853; I am not sure what v1-2 cover. Have you tried the DGS website
> index to the Journal. If you find anything that looks promising I have the
> cd and would check the specifics for you. I'm researching south of the IR
> and seems like I'm always finding stuff north of the River but not this
> time. .
> Do you live near the DE Archives? See p 113 of Wright if you have a copy.
> Sounds like there are records there for L&C that go to 1856.
> Good luck.

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