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Subject: Re: [LDR] Callaways 1789 - 1792 more
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2013 07:27:55 -0500 (EST)

This was supposed to go in the mail later file so I could write more. So
here is more:

In a message dated 1/1/2013 10:41:30 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,

There are several Callaway

!. Aaron - Witness a deed for William Polk of Little Creek to Curtus
Rogers of Accomack Count

2. Ebenezer - Witness a deed in Broad Creek Hundred

3. Jonathan - deed O-14-9 ... 22 March 1788 Jonathan Callaway of the one
part, planter of Henry cnty, VA for the sum of L80 lawful money of DE sold
Samuel Hearn son of Benjamin, of Sussex county, DE of the other part of a
tract of land called Buck Ridge containing 50 acres. Jonathan Callaway
appoints Isaac Henry & Elijah Cannon his lawful Attorney to acknowledge this
deed. Signed: Jonathan Callaway (mark). Wit: Samuel Hall, James Cannon. Ack.
04 Feb 1789. Nath'l Mitchell, Proth'y
4. Matthew - O-14:85 Deed. This Indenture made 04 Apr 1788 between
Nathan Waller of Sussex cnty, DE of the one part & Matthew Callaway of the
same place of the other part. Nathan Waller for the sum of L50 sold to
Matthew Callaway part of a tract of land called Swamp surveyed for Nathaniel
Waller Sr. 10 Jun 1734 containing by estimation 64 acres more or less as also
all the lands surveyed by virtue of a resurvey Warrant granted to sd Nathan
Waller by the Proprietor Penn on afsd tract called Swamp resurveyed 15 May
1776 the whole by estimation containing 294 acres more or less which sd
tract called Swamp was devised by Nathaniel Waller Sr, dec'd to afsd Nathan
Waller. Nathan Waller appoints Phillips Kollock, William Polk or Charles Moore
Esqs of Sussex cnty his Attorney......

5. Peter - O-14:122 This Indenture made 10 Dec 1789 between Elijah
Cannon of Broad Creek Hundred, Sussex cnty, DE, yeoman, of the one part &
David Hall of town of Lewes, cnty afsd, Esq of the other part. Elijah Cannon
is seized of 2 tracts of land called Folly & the other Handly's Luck
situated in sd Hundred & cnty, sd tract called Folly being on SE side of
Nanticoke River in a woods in Wimber Succum Neck & bounded by a tract called Mill
Lott formerly surveyed for Peter Callaway, containing 75 acres; the other
called Handly's Luck beginning on the NE side of a tract called Connon's
Discovery containing 100 acres. ....

6. Peter - O-14-124 Indenture made 10 Dec 1789 between Elijah Cannon
of Broad Creek Hundred ... Peter Fretwell Wright of Broadkiln Hundred ...
Folly & called Handly's Luck situate in Broad Creek .... bounded by a tract
called Mill Lot formerly surveyed for Peter Callaway ....

7. John Calloway - O-14:269. Deed 21 Sept 1787 Custis Rodgers of
Sussex cnty, DE ...sold to John Goddard son of Francis Lane Goddard .. part of
a tract of land situate on S side of rode leading from Broad Creek to
Salisbury lying upon the head of a tract of land called Days Beginning near
Jobe Simmon's Plantation & tract of land called Callaway's Intention which
formerly belonged to John Calloway, the fthr of Peter Calloway, .....


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