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From: Alan Bell <>
Subject: [LDR] Wives of Peter Waples (1708/9-1785)
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2013 16:51:28 -0700

Has anyone looked at the putative wives of Peter Waples of Indian River, Nancy Thoroughgood and Margaret Rowe? Peter's will of 1785 does not mention a wife. Rufus Waples' Genealogy lists an unknown first wife; Margaret Rowe as second wife; children William, John, Benjamin, Joseph, and Nancy with the first wife; and Margaret, Littleton, Mary, Jane, Elizabeth, and Peter with Margaret Rowe. (Rufus was the great grandson of Peter.) Nancy Thoroughgood is given as the first wife in several genealogies. But I have not turned up any documents attesting to either marriage, or any Thoroughgood or Rowe documents that might hint at Thoroughgood or Rowe families in Sussex around 1700-1750 Nancy or Margaret might have belonged to. The birth dates and order of the children (except for Peter, from the 1850 census) are mostly unattested as well, so the order of the marriages seems speculative, as well as which mother the children belonged to.

His daughters married Bartlett, Oliver, Hazzard, Lewis, Hall, and Waples.

Alan Bell, Boulder, Colorado

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