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Subject: Re: [LDR] Ancestry & newspaperarchive.com
Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2013 14:28:10 -0500
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Your memory of lack of listed subscription rates for newspaperarchive.com rings right. I think when I first signed up with the service, they had some kind of special going on, but I ended up going back and forth (via email) with them a bit. I’m foggy on the circumstances, but they were having some promotion and I thought that they maybe weren’t going to honor the stated rate. I think they actually then provided the membership below the rate I expected, and so I was happy with that.

Someone indicated that the newspaper access on newspaperarchive.com and ancestry.com is essentially identical. I don’t know why this would be the case – newspaperarchive.com’s coverage as listed (but not as provided as I found out) is impressive, but in no way “complete.” Perhaps the comment pertained just to Delmarva area newspapers. The newspaperarchive.com rates I was paying were certainly modest compared with ancestry.com and as I mentioned before, I was happy with them so long as the “hits” on family members I was getting translated into actual access.

After they finally responded to my many inquiries, I would have rather that they had kept me “on” instead of cancelling my membership (and refunding a fair amount) – I was most upset with the silence. I guess I was too much trouble for them.

I also wish that the failure of their system was limited to one newspaper that I just happened to be getting family hits on, but, unfortunately, their failure was popping up in a number of situations.

Someone else brought up the Library of Congress on-line archives. This might be the Library’s “Chronicling America” series. This series is great and has been very helpful, too, but the inventory is limited to newspaper issues dated from the mid-1920s and before (because of copyright concerns), and tends to be limited to somewhat larger newspapers. Even within those parameters, the coverage is somewhat limited. However, the system works, there is no access fee, and I’ve been lucky to find a few far flung family members popping up some.


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I also forgot to mention, what made me have concern about newspaperarchive.com to start with is, no where can you find their subscription rates online. I have not found it ANYWHERE!!..

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Dave & all-

Several years ago I had the opportunity to utilize the services of newspaperarchieve.com thru another paid site that lumped several smaller paid sites together. I was able to abstract many articles from the Salisbury, MD paper. Items such as my birth announcement, parents wedding & most of all many, many obituaries. I want to get a 6 month subscription to both to tie up loose ends on things I may have missed the first time around.

Last nite I googled newspaperarchive.com & found a site with several complaints concerning the newspaper site. The complaints concerned me about them not answering inquiries or cancelling subscriptions! Only workaround I can think of is to pay with a credit card I dont use much. When cancel time comes, call the credit card company & request a new account number. Specifying that Ive misolaced my card & fear that account could be compromised!! Then they cant tack on another subscription term with me.

Eva, they sent me an email invitation, but you can go to their home page on ancestry.com & they have it advertised there. If you cant find it, send me your email & I will forward the email I received to you.

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