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Subject: [LOY] Notes on John George Loy (Ley, Lay, Lyh) of Frederick County, MD
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 16:45:12 EDT

I have interesting notes on this man from the history books in Frederick
County's main library in Frederick, MD. Also notes on Loys in nearby
Leesburg, VA. Here goes:

An artivle on the Palatine Exiles in the Thomas Balch library in Leesburg,
Va; came from the Rhine Valley in Germany. Settles in what is now called
Lovettsville, VA, near Leesburg. Settlement was know in 1732 as The German
Settlement. Settles in Pennsylvania first. Were first to bring sheep, cattle,
poultry, swine and cats and dogs to Loudoun County, VA. The first families in
this settlement were name in Briscoe Goodhart's book The German Settlement.
They were: Ames, Arnold, Axline, Baker, Bartlett (also name of a Senator in
Western MD), Beaner, Best, Booth, Boyer, Brawner, Compher (still known in
that area), Cooper, Cordell, Crim, Cuize, DAvis, Dorr, Eamich, English,
Everhart (known in MD area), Fawley, Filler, Fraser (known in MD area), Fry
(know in MD area), Goodhart, Grubb, Hamilton, Heater, Hefner, Hickman,
Householder, Houser, Kalb, Kemp, Kern, Lovett, Loy, Magaha, Mann, Martin,
Mill, Nicewarner (known in MD area), Palmer, Potterfield, Roller, Rupp, Ruse,
Sands, Sanbower (known as a builder in Frederick, MD area), Slater, Snoots,
Souder, Spring, Stocks, Stoneburner, Stouts, Stoutsenberger, Stream, Swank,
Taylor, Titus (known in Leesburg, VA area), Tritapoe (known in Leesburg, Va
area), Virts (known in Lessburg, Va area), Walkman, Wenner (known as the
founder of Lovettsville before Germans came and had 20 kids in three
marriages - lived to be about 100), Weiss (known as a grocery chain in PA,
MD), Williams, Wire, Wolford, Working, Wunder.


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