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From: "Paul G. Randall" <>
Subject: Intro Paul Randall
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 1996 15:21:38 -0400

Hi Lunies,

I'm Paul Randall.
I grew up in Bayfield, Antigonish County, Nova Scotia.
Now living in Toronto where I teach High School (Math/Science).
My grandmother, Mary (Corkum) Randall grew up in New Cumberland,
Lunenburg County, though she spent her married life in Bayfield, N.S.
till her death, just two months ago.

Most of my genealogical work is based in Antigonish County, but of
course I am interested in compiling information on my grandmother's
family from Lunenburg. Some of the information which I received first
or second hand from Vivian and son Peter Corkum from New Cumberland is
found in my web pages. I also have gotten significant material from
Gail Facini who also researches CORKUM.

Check the index of surnames at .

Most of what I have is on CORKUM and WAMBACH.

I have other information on Corkums from Germany but I must first speak
personally with Vivian Corkum to see who to give credit to or even if I
should "publish" it. Also, Gail Facini has given me permission to put
her gedcom into the same format on my site, so watch for that.
Actually, with school coming up don't hold your breath that I'll get
much done before Christmas! But I will eventually have more information
available in a web format. It would be great to see more Lunies doing
web pages. It takes some time to learn everything and get it together
but if you do it bit by bit its not too bad.

Best wishes to everyone,

Paul Randall

Phone: (416) 928-6546
E-mail: [or mailto: in a web browser]
Address: 155 Wellesley St.E.#1803, Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 1J4, Canada

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