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Subject: [LL] Fw: Post-1901 Census -- Bill S-13 Has Started On A Journey!
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Greetings All.

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Subject: Post-1901 Census -- Bill S-13 Has Started On A Journey!

To all -- please forward to all provinces!

WE have started on a long journey with Senator Lorna Milne -- and we have all heard "a long journey begins with the first step!" Senator Milne took the FIRST step of the journey of Bill S-13 through Senate and House of Commons with the First Reading on Wednesday. Her next step will be on Tuesday with the Second Reading.

There will be bumps on the road -- known to us as Third Reading, Committee Review, Amendments, others will speak against the legislation as first presented. As WE travel along with Senator Milne, we will learn more about the parliamentary process and how we are able to assist.

Senator Lorna Milne welcomes SUGGESTIONS -- items she may have overlooked . These suggestions and bits of personal information -- not just gripes -- may be just the items that are needed.

My personal bit of information is that the 1911 census would be the first census listing my mother and her family -- they moved to Nova Scotia from Maine in 1909. Also, veterans at Sunnybrook are signing petitions -- the 1911 census was the last one before World War One.

Above all - should you wish to send a personal message to me, send to Christine Joudrey - Christine is acting on my behalf and in contact with Senator Milne. Messages may also be sent to my son, Don Davidson

I am enjoying time with my husband, a veteran and resident of Sunnybrook for almost two years -- but I will be back shortly.

In the meantime, READ the words of Bill S-13 and travel along with it as it travels from the Senate to the House of Commons and US. Senator Milne is working on behalf of all of us -- regardless of where we live -- the census affects many in all parts of the world. Above all, a personal note of thanks to Senator Milne will give her encouragement -- remember, the final version of S-13 will be different than the first presentation. I am positive and know Senator Milne desires the census records in the same format as 1901 and the now online 1906. [Still have to do my bit of research]

As a lover of history, I will give one interesting site to explore

A special request to all Canada Census Committee members -- your help is really needed now -- WE are all travelling the journey of Bill S-13 and keeping step with Senator Milne.

Muriel M. Davidson, Co-Chair, Canada Census Committee

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