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Subject: [LL] Post 1901 Census - From the Office of Senator Milne
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2003 06:39:22 -0800

Greetings All.

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Hi there gang:

I just want to deal with a couple of things this morning. First of all,
person thought that it was only people 21 and older who took part in the
census. That is not accurate. Each and every person is on all census
forms. It may be true that the head of the household that filled in the
form would have been over 21, but he or she would have been required to
all of the people living in the household, and give information on each
those people. As a result, there is personal information about newborns
the census.

Secondly, some are asking: "Why appease Fellegi?". I want to stress
this is not about appeasing Fellegi. There is a very large and very
contingent of Senators and Members of Parliament who are very passionate
about privacy issues. Right now many of those, including Senator Murray
supportive of this framework. In the past they were actively working
against us. The Privacy Commissioner is also keeping an eye on what is
going on here. If we push too far we will awake this political beast
is currently sleeping. I prefer to keep it that way by working within a
framework that keeps the privacy lobby at least neutral. It is true
for many years Dr. Fellegi has been the lightening rod for us in this
debate, but he represents a large and honest group of people that are
concerned about privacy. This group has won a lot of battles around
Parliament Hill in the past few years, and we don't need them in our way
right now.

The compromises that are in this bill are to address real legal and
issues. As I have said before, privacy rights are real rights and we
them at our peril. The courts have said on a number of occasions that
right to life, liberty and security of the person that is contained in
Charter of Rights and Freedoms also gives people a right to privacy. If
S-13 does not live up to the privacy standards of the Charter, the court
the right to kill parts of the bill. That is the last thing we want to
happen. We have a framework that adequately addresses privacy issues
giving broad access to the census. We are working toward improvements,
hope to have more news for you all soon.

Jeff Paul
Policy Advisor
Office of the Hon. Lorna Milne

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