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From: Sandy Wooden <>
Subject: Re: [LL] Problems 1881 census
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2003 18:07:05 -0400
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Hi Virginia,

In the 1881 census the names are way off. I had Boutiliers living in French
Village, Hackett's Cove, Black Point and Halifax. None of the surnames were
spelled correctly. they went from Bontitier to various other things, Swallow was
listed in Fr. Village as Swallon, etc. etc. I got around it by putting in the
surname Smith and then clicking on any Smith and then clicking on either the
previous or the next household till I found what I was looking for. You cannot
imagine how Slauenwhite was spelled. I did make a list of the various
transcription errors of the surnames but sorry, cannot find it. I am really
familiar with the St. Margaret's Bay names but some even I did not recognize and
could not translate.

Try every conceivable spelling you can think of or, try my route. If I find my
list, I will forward it to Lunen-Links.



> Am I the only one having trouble with the 1881 census? I've tried several
> families in several different locations - all that I know were living at that
> time - and keep getting "No matches" Any suggestions? Virginia
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