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Subject: [LL] Lunenburg Reunion Newsletter #35 - local newspaper article
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 21:10:01 -0500

Hi all,

More Reunion Publicity News

Firstly to advise that we have contracted the services of Pat Smith to be our on-site manager in Lunenburg. Pat is retired, living in Lunenburg, and has experience with organizing large get-togethers. She is also a certified genealogist. She has already performed many on-the-ground services promptly and thoroughly. I normally sleep soundly but with Pat at work I now can fall even more deeply onto slumber.

Secondly to release, with permission of the Lunenburg Progress-Enterprise and the Bridgewater edition (both of today's date), Robert Hirtle's article on our Reunion.

Already, Pat reports "Have just had a call already from someone in Bridgewater, who is not online, but as a consequence of the article in the Bridgewater Bulletin, Bridgewater's edition of Lunenburg's Progress-Enterprise, he has today bought six For. Prot. Mem. Ornaments for his children, made a separate donation to the Monument fund, and is registering by mail immediately with Chris, including sending his cheque for $20!! He's hoping to get lots of information on his family which he has just started to research."


Chris Young

Family reunion to be 'grand' gathering

Robert Hirtle

LUNENBURG - Chris Young isn't exactly sure how many people will arrive in Lunenburg this July to participate in The Grand Family Reunion being held in honour of the town's 250th anniversary, but he knows one thing - it will be a lot.

Mr. Young, who lives in Guelph, Ontario, has taken on the daunting task of organizing the event, which is slated to kick off with a 9 a.m. meet and greet at the Lunenburg Academy July 10.

The reunion, which is to be highlighted by four major events, will run a total of five days before coming to a close on the evening of July 13 [sic - should be 14].

Mr. Young, who is a descendant of one of the 409 founding families of the town and has connections to many more, said he became involved in the project through an e-mail group called Lunen-Links, a sort of electronic offshoot of the South Shore Genealogical Society.

"This was started six or seven years ago by a lady by the name of Cathy DiPietro," he explained. "Her mother was a Zinck, and that's her connection to Lunenburg."

Ms DiPietro started the group, which currently includes about 400 members, as a way to electronically link people who were interested in Lunenburg genealogy.

"About three years ago .. we started musing about [doing] something for the reunion that deals with family history," he said.

Due to his activity in the group, Mr. Young was nominated by another member to "arrange something" with the result being this year's grand reunion.

He said although the concept of the event came about as a result of the Lunen-Links connection, he stresses they are not the sole driving force behind this summer's festivities.

"We're now getting a lot of people who are not at all involved with Lunen-Links who are coming," he said.

So far, that number has reached about 1,200 individuals from over 400 families who have pre-registered with the committee to attend the event.

Nearly three-quarters of those people reside outside the province, with registrants coming from as far away as Auckland, New Zealand.

Mr. Young says right now, he has no idea how many will actually show up for the reunion.

He has, however, arrived at an estimate based on the 1,500 that turned out for the unveiling of the Monbeliard monument in 1988 as well as the 1,400 that attended 1995's Lunenburg Academy reunion.

"I figure that 2,000 might be a workable number," Mr. Young said.

What they're in store for is five days of activities being billed as an opportunity "to meet all your relatives, whether they are living or dead.

"If they're living, give them a big hug," Mr. Young laughed.

Apart from the meeting and greeting of family members which will be going on throughout the event, there will also be people on hand at the Lunenburg Academy to give you an idea just who those family members are.

Mr. Young said there will be tables set up in the classrooms with representatives from each family to offer information to those that are seeking their relatives.

"Anybody who is interested in [a particular] family, would go to that room, to that table, and they would [not only] mill around with the people that are sitting at the table, but they would also make connections with the other people who show up," he explained. "Then they can make connections that will last a lifetime and go beyond the reunion."

Mr. Young said another feature of the event will be bus tours of the area around Lunenburg where families will be able to view the locations where their forefathers were given land grants and eventually settled.

The tours, which are scheduled to take place on Sunday afternoon, will first stop in Blue Rocks before proceeding to Mahone Bay.

It is then on to a number of other communities, including Blockhouse, Northwest, Lilydale, Upper LaHave, Riverport and Feltzen South, before finally returning to Lunenburg.

"That will cover many of the 30-acre farm lots that people were given," Mr. Young said. "And, it's a pretty drive, too."

The ecumenical church service will also be held Sunday morning, with the venue dependent on the number of people attending.

On Monday, seminars will be presented featuring pre-eminent Nova Scotia genealogist Dr. Terry Punch; Dr. Ken Paulsen, who completed his PhD on the early history of Lunenburg, and Maritime folklorist Clary Croft.

Mr. Young said that in order to get an accurate read on the cost of hosting the event, it is necessary for organizers to get a firm count on the number of people planning to attend.

To that end, he is asking everyone who is planning on participating, regardless of where they are from, to pre-register.

Because the cost for producing the reunion has not yet been finalized, a set registration fee cannot be established at this point.

Therefore, a pre-registration advance of $20 is being charged for each adult registration, with no charge for children.

"Certainly, the emphasis of the 250th is on those families who settled in 1753," Mr. Young said. "However, we'd like our reunion to be open to anyone with an interest in the family history of Lunenburg and thus include families who moved into the area over the past 250 years."

Want to register?

Lunenburg area residents interested in more information on this summer's Grand Family Reunion may contact on site manager Pat Smith at 634-7229 or by mail at P.O. Box 1484, Lunenburg NS, B0J 2C0.

Information is also available on line by visiting the reunion web site at

People wishing to register should do so through planning committee chairman Chris Young at 60-302 College Avenue West, Guelph, Ontario, N1G 4T6.

Mr. Young may also be contacted by calling 1-519-824-9869 or through e-mail at

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