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From: Barney Kaufman <>
Subject: [LL] Nan's Kitchen
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 00:03:36 -0500

Hi Y'all -

Now that I'm in the second week of being stuck in the house
with my kids due to the weather down here in DC, I'm pretty
much braindead.

But not dead enough ... I have a couple questions to the Lunies
in general regarding emigration to the Boston Area.

[1] Does anyone have relatives that went to the [now defunct]
St. Mark's Lutheran Church in Roxbury, MA? In my uncle Charlie
SILVER's confirmation photo, we have already identified Eileen
WAGNER, Thelma DeMONE, and Grace OICLE. Anyone else?

[2] A goodly number of my ancestors worked at Nan's Kitchen when
they first came over. Does that establishment ring a bell for

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