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From: Ron Zinck <>
Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2006 13:00:24 -0500
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Hi Folks;

The other possible identity for the spouse of John Peter Zinck would Mary
Margaret Emeneau. Her information is as follows and indicates she married a
Eisenhaurer in the 1790's.

From the IGI without sources:

Mary Margaret Emeno

10 JUN 1778 , Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Father: George Frederick Emeneau
Mother: Elizabeth F. Feindell

From Don Shankles database


EMENO","Mary Margaret","M","1794-06-10",,"DRL","Eisenhauer, Nicolas",,


Parents marriage

"FEINDEL","Mary Eliz","M","1756-02-03",,"SJAL","Emeneau, George Fred",,


EMENO George & Maria Eliz Jane Cath 1775-02-14 1775-03-05 SJAL B
EMENO George & Maria Eliz Cath Eliz 1776-12-28 1777-01-01 SJAL B
EMENO George & Maria Eliz Mary Margaret 1778-06-10 1778-06-17 SJAL

On 12/30/05, don hunt <> wrote:
> Hello all listers:
> I have a question about Mary Catherine Emoneau. I get from everyone that
> she was the daughter of Johann Frederick Emoneau and Mary Elizabeth
> Wamboldt. The granddaughter of George Frederick Emoneau and Anna Julianna
> Elisabeth Feindel Frank. She was born 28 Nov 1783 and was murdered along
> with her grandparents on 19 Mar 1791. This would make her age 8 years.
> I found her in some genealogy married to Peter Zinck. Of course that
> can't be. That genealogy says she died 16 Aug 1852.
> So who is the one that married Peter Zinck and who was the granddaughter
> that was murdered and died in 1791???
> Thanks to any help on this.
> Wilma
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