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From: Cyndi Howells <>
Subject: Re: Thinking of making list private...please help
Date: Mon, 09 Jun 1997 12:42:13 -0700

At 12:27 PM 6/9/97 -0500, Clare wrote:
>> I > suspect this might get to be a chore if I were getting 10
or 20 (or more) > subscribe messages a day.
>No, it's very easy with the utilites we've been provided...just
>your utilities pages and it only takes seconds to do a sub or unsub.
>It's faster than sending notes back and forth trying to teach
people how
>to do it themselves.
>Clare Peden Midgley

Clare and all -

Yes, doing it yourself is easy and fast. However, if you don't
take the time to educate the users as to how to do this THEMSELVES,
you will find that the same people will have this problem over and
over again - if not on your specific list, then on several others
lists. I feel that it is everyone's responsibility to learn how to
use these research tools properly - users/subscribers as well as

In order to help save a bit of time in doing this, I have come up
with some pre-written "canned" answers that I use to send to the
users of the list. I put these examples online for any of you who
wish to use them:

RootsWeb List Owners - Samples of Pre-Written E-mail to List Users

I have also purchased a copy of Eudora Pro to handle my incoming
e-mail. Due to the number of messages that I process each day, I
felt it more than necessary to have a slick program. Eudora Pro
has filters which help me sort incoming and outgoing e-mail. It
also has "stationery" - pre-written and pre-formatted messages.
Anytime I have someone try to subscribe or unsubscribe
incorrectly, I use the reply feature to send the appropriate
stationery message.


Cyndi Howells

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