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From: "Adrian Hopkins" <>
Subject: AOL flashes a WARNING
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 97 13:26:49 UT

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Sent:Wednesday, August 06, 1997 8:00 PM
Subject:Re: HOPKINS-D Digest V97 #31

Dear Adriana,
Since this has happened for the second time, I decided to write and ask about
it. Usually, the Hopkins list (I subscribe to the Digest mode) arrives as a
text document, but occasionally as a downloadable file. But twice now, it has
had an even different appearance. It shows as an "unknown" file, and before
downloading it, AOL flashes a WARNING: "You are about to download a file
which contains executable code. Downloading files from unknown sources might
cause harm...."
With all of the "scares" about viruses in downloaded files, I know that none
of us like to have that warning flash on our screens. I'm just curious why
the list arrives in so many different formats. And, if there is a way for you
to send the downloadable files that won't precipitate the AOL warning?
By the way, I am enjoying the list immensely. THANK YOU for all of the work
that you do to make it possible!!!!



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