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From: Vicki Lindsay <>
Subject: Re: AOL Problems
Date: Sun, 7 Dec 1997 18:06:10 -0800 (PST)

This is a good ideas if people who used AOL would read the messages,
especially the people having problems.

It shouldn't be a rootsweb decision, but a listowner decision.

On Sun, 7 Dec 1997, Roy Tandy wrote:

> A posible solution. One of our more knowledgeable listowners write a VERY
> CLEAR (Substitute Idiot Proof) Paragraph about the AOL problem which ROOTS
> WEB could send to all current subscribers with an .aol address and include
> in all welcom messages. Failing this, Rootsweb may wish to not allow .aol
> addresses to subscribe to the digest of any list???
> At 12:01 PM 12/7/97 -0800, Sharon wrote:
> >I have to agree with Tim to a point.
> >
> >We have only one list, but about 300 AOL subscribers. I have absolutely no
> >objection to the AOL subscribers - many of them are contributors to our list
> >and of course they have no problems with AOL - but the rest of them are
> >nothing but a pain in the rear! The reason - they don't take the time to
> >learn about their software, how to use it properly, how to use it to it's
> >fullest and then they blame RootsWeb when there Digests are screwed up and
> >still don't want to learn about their software!
> >
> >It's a joke - and that's what makes it so frustrating to those of us who
> >have to deal with them on a large scale. I have posted numerous messages
> >to our list that if AOL people have a problem - do not post it to the list -
> >send me a private email. They still don't get it. This morning one guy
> >posted three different messages to the list about three different Digests.
> >
> >It should not be up to the listowners to have to 'hand walk' each of these
> >people thru their own software. Since this is an AOL problem - perhaps THEY
> >need to provide better documentation to their subscribers - and also alert
> >them to the 'full mailbox' problem and how to work around this.
> >
> >It gets to the point where we just hate to see a new AOL subscriber and I
> >know that's not right - but come on - these people need to take a little
> >responsibility for their own equipment and learn how to use it properly!!!
> >There so quick to blame us or RootsWeb - like we are doing it to them on
> >purpose - please!
> >
> >And then of course the bounced messages - well what can I say - obviously
> >AOL needs to stop eating up other companies and get some hardware capable of
> >handling the email load. Heck, RootsWeb works on a much more limited
> >finanacial base than AOL and they sure don't get all backed up like AOL
> >does. Obviously, AOL's only concern is HOW MANY subscribers they have -
> >forget being able to maintain it properly!
> >
> >My thoughts...
> >
> >Sharon
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