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From: Sharon <>
Subject: Re: AOL Problems
Date: Sun, 07 Dec 1997 20:34:59 -0800

Being totally unfamilar with AOL software, I would appreciate seeing
something that we can include in our welcome message or send to them that
would help resolve the problem - at least as much as can be resolved.

I realize some will not read it and other's will not even care, but I think
that many will and that would be a blessing to our list. I would never not
let AOL people on our list - many of our active contributors have AOL - but
it sure gets difficult having to deal with all the constant problems and
messages that I can do nothing about!

So if someone who really knows AOL and the different versions would write
up something - I'm sure many of us would be happy to pass the info on.


Sharon Todtenbier
Co-owner TheShipsList©
Vicki Lindsay wrote:
> This is a good ideas if people who used AOL would read the messages,
> especially the people having problems.
> It shouldn't be a rootsweb decision, but a listowner decision.
> On Sun, 7 Dec 1997, Roy Tandy wrote:
> > A posible solution. One of our more knowledgeable listowners write a
> > VERY CLEAR (Substitute Idiot Proof) Paragraph about the AOL problem
> > which ROOTSWEB could send to all current subscribers with an .aol
> > address and include in all welcom messages. Failing this, Rootsweb may
> > wish to not allow .aol addresses to subscribe to the digest of any
> > list???

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