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From: Sharon <>
Subject: Re: Is it spam or not spam?
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 19:33:16 -0800

Kathleen Hunt wrote:
> I have a question to pose to all list owners. What if I were to include a
> section that said something like the following:
> 'If you would like to receive email regarding new information on this
> subject, please check this box.'
> If I then sent email to these folks, would you consider this spamming? I'm
> also interested in your opinions from a business standpoint as well that is
> not related to genealogy.
> Kathleen A. Hunt
> Mountrail and Steele County, ND Coordinator

Hi Kathleen!

If I received something to my list such as you describe (unrelated to
genealogy) - yes I would consider it spam - unsoliciated junk mail!

Of course, I have no idea what your business is or what your trying to sell,
but I think anything I receive that is an "unsoliciated" sales pitch or
whatever is just that - unsoliciated and junk mail. Whatever, your business
is or your selling or whatever - I think if people are interested they will
do a search for the subject matter and seek the information out.

If your talking about putting a tag-line or something like that and posting
to other genealogy lists - I'd probably think your only interest in my list
would be to plug your business. We've had this happen with some jerk
promoting his handwriting analysis - totally off-topic to genealogy! He made
our reject list real fast!

Genealogy Lists should be kept to just that - leave the other stuff to
the newsgroups.

Just my opinion...


Sharon Todtenbier
Co-owner TheShipsListĀ©

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