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From: Picavet <>
Subject: Aurea prima
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 22:35:42 +0100

Aurea prima sata est aetas, quae, vindice nullo,
sponte sua, sine lege fidem rectumque colebat.
Poena metusque aberant, nec verba minantia fixo
aere legebantur, nec supplex turba timebat
iudicis ora sui; sed erant sine vindice tuti.

Publius OVIDIUS Naso. Metamorphoses. Rome, A.D. 8

I know that the moderator may have doubts about posting this message, which
is a response to all the reactions I received from fellow travellers, both
publicly and privately.

Is this the proper place to discuss the philosophy of RootsWeb, the meaning
of list ownership and related topics?

It was wrong on my part to publicize the words of a third party, even if
that third party was unknown to me. This has nothing to do with rights or
courtesy, but only with reasons that are my own. I apologized and I am
prepared to discuss a compensation with the original author.

I perceived the original posting against the new passenger list site hosted
by RootsWeb as an attack on Rootsweb. I may have been misguided. I believe
that any site hosted by RootsWeb is respecting the fundamental ideas of

Notwithstanding pressure from other organizations, I consciously have
chosen for the RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative, because I am a
partizan of their ideas, and I have confidence in the people behind it.

I believe that those who have the means to make RootsWeb possible have no
more rights than those who don't -- for whatever reason. I thank the Lord
that He has given me the means, and I am grateful to RootsWeb for allowing
me to use their resources to run a mailing list. No right. Gratitude.

In the same line of reasoning, I don't have any more rights on the forum
which is "my" mailing list than any other subscriber. Any subscriber should
preferably call it "mine" and together we should call it "ours". I only
have the duty to keep it running smoothly.

I advocate no socialism, no anarchism, no dictatorship, no tyrrany, but a
modus vivendi agreed upon between adult, intelligent and well meaning

I may have to start a new list: UTOPIA-ROOTS.

Georges PICAVET | Listowner BELGIUM-ROOTS-L |

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