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From: <>
Subject: Re: The RootsWeb renewal notice
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 17:24:49 EST

In a message dated 99-02-19 17:00:15 EST, writes:

> I think that this is fine except for the fact that very few of us take the
> ROOTS-L in message form, so that the paragraph is making an assumption that
> is not necessarily valid. Actually I am not using either of the programs you
> mention, so for me, that would not be a valid statement. It doesn't hurt me,
> but it does say that the originator really doesn't know what is going on
> their own databases. Perhaps it would be better to say, "services which you
> are now able to use if you choose" instead of that you are using?

John, I wrote the paragraph based on the individual letter that was forwarded
to the list yesterday which stated that this particular user WAS using those
very services. This is not intended to be a part of *every* notice. It
appears to me that the current notice is customized to reflect the ACTUAL
usage of premium sponsor-only services.

So if you were to receive a notice of renewal it would reflect the premium
services YOU were using--it won't be the same for all. In other words if you
are a listowner you would be told that your sponsorship was needed to continue
providing this service, or hosting GenConnect Boards, or maintaining Web space
on, or whatever premium servinces YOU personally are


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