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From: Patricia Manson <>
Subject: New Surname Resources -Confused!
Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 13:19:53 -0400


Yep, I'm confused too:)

And it seems many of the listowners are confused
about what is
going on.

What happens when this is released? Has rootsweb set
up a team to answer the confused questions of the
members that are on the lists with the variant
spelling at this point? Or is this going to be left
up to the listowners of those lists, who donate
their time, and money, to explain for rootwebs, why
they *MAY* be losing the variant spellings of
surnames on
the list! So that there members can subscribe to
more lists to get the same information.

I am truly confused, about the benefit here..
Nothing bad intended. But if the listowners can't
totally comprehend what is going on, how can we
relay a positive, and knowledgeable answer to the

> For the initial rollout of the surname clusters, we made a conscious
> decision not to try to eliminate variant spellings. Once the lists
> get rolling and we start taking volunteers to administer them, we'll
> basically let the list subscribers tell us whether two lists are the
> same name and should be merged.

Tell Who? Who is us? The listowners? Rootsweb? You?

If this has already been answered, sorry, I missed
it, with all the mail. Since many of us just don't
understand what going on. And that in its self says

Also I never thought, or new, according to Rootsweb,
one list is more important or popular than the
next. Please tell me how this system is judged? I
checked my Dover archive against some of the other
archives, and did NOT find as many posts on them,
but they are listed with this new search engine.

Happy Hunting:)

Patricia Manson
Dover Listmanager
Alabama Listmanager
ICQ # 35834412--IM pvmtrish

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