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From: "Dan" <>
Subject: Re: taglines
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 1999 14:15:05 -0700

I will post RW banners on my web site, I have 2 pages of banners now, I can
put one on each of my subscriptions too .
Dan Matney
Genealogy Community

> From: Richard Bullock <>
> To:
> Subject: taglines
> Date: Saturday, July 10, 1999 2:04 PM
> I have used my taglines to support Rootsweb, by putting things like
> keep genealogy free, support Rootsweb, basic membership $12. However,
> I find them very useful to assist in running the list, my very few
> basic rules, my name and email address, how to unsubscribe, and other
> things that help keep a list running smoothly. Without the taglines it
> makes it harder to run a list. I would like something along the lines
> of rootsweb having part of the taglines and the list"keeper" (kind of
> like a zoo keeper I guess) having use of part of the taglines. Since I
> was already using part of the taglines for Rootsweb promotion it would
> not be any different from what I have been doing. I have no problems
> with banners or Rootsweb promotions, please just give us some of the
> taglines. I had 3 list and now I have 5 lists and I am a Donor so I
> am well within the 8 lists I could be entitled to, so I am little
> befuddled
> by the title listkeeper that seems to now be used.
> Rick

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