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From: <>
Subject: Auto Reply messages
Date: Tue, 7 Sep 1999 00:57:16 EDT

I am wondering if anyone else has a problem with "Auto Reply" messages.

Several of my lists have members that must get their mail at their work email
addy. So every time a message is posted after working hours, on weekends and
holidays an auto reply message gets sent back to me that the person is out of
the office,blah blah blah.
I know that I belong to lists that also have this and since they are reply to
sender, the reply comes back to the person who wrote the message.

Personally I find it all very annoying. For some reason it bugs me
ethically, must be the former manager in me. But I know that I have seen
discussion privately among folks who get these when they post to certain

Is there something we can do or do I just put up with the many "answering
machine" messages that fill my personal mailbox on holidays and weekends? Of
course many people are attending to their genealogy "hobby" on the weekends
so more messages fly.
Thanks for the input.

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