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From: Cindy Lee Gettle <>
Subject: RE: Combining Lists
Date: Wed, 06 Oct 1999 20:56:26 -0500

Been there, asked the same question, was told the same thing... it is better for
the lists to work together..if both "owners" are willing to do so. This also
benefits the "newbies" that don't know to look under all various spellings of the


> Marge & Carl Hommel wrote:
> >
> > I have just been notified that I have been selected listowner of the
> > OLMSTEAD-L and OLMSTEAD-D mailing lists. I note that there are also mailing
> > lists for OLMSTED-L and OLMSTED-D. Since these are two spellings of the same
> > name, I would like to ask that they be combined under the same list
> Carl and others in the same boat:
> I certainly can't speak for Rootsweb, but I gather from past messages
> that lists won't be combined this way.
> I was in a similar place a few weeks ago when I adopted the DOLBY mail
> list, only to find that a DALBY list also existed. I simply found the
> DALBY list admin. and sent a note asking if we could keep in touch and
> mention each other's lists on the ones we were handling. It worked out
> well...we've subscribed to each other's lists and are passing things
> along to each other and subscribers. It's logical, too, since these are
> probably separate names but with a lot of overlap from time and
> misspellings. Most imporantly, Dalby's and Dolby's will both find a list
> to go to more easily and won't miss opportunities from postings in the
> other place.
> Out of curiosity, I checked out both list archives. The OLMSTED list has
> been around a lot longer and has a great deal more postings. At least 25
> of them used the OLMSTEAD spelling just this year. You'd probably
> increase the benefits for everyone by working together with the other
> list admin.
> Jodi

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