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Date: Wed, 6 Oct 1999 22:20:48 EDT

In a message dated 10/6/99 9:42:18 PM Eastern Daylight Time,

> I am Jo Autrey, and I have the mailing lists for ENDSLEY-L AND ENDSLEY-D. I
> also have noticed there is an ENDSLY surname list available. On the
> surname page, it refers researchers to look for ANSLEY. Should this also
> combined with ENDSLEY, or would it be confusing and misleading? Is it just
> listed as a cross-link? May I request the same to have the ENDSLY combined
> with my ENDSLEY and the ENSLEY listing deleted from the list of available
> surname groups in the master list of available names?


as I explained in my other reply the lists are not combined--they can be used
in connection with each other but not combined. In order to have one list
cross-referred to the other variants for the surname on the Resource Page
they need to be included in the list description on the RootsWeb maillist
page. You can find instructions on the maillist page to contact the
webmaster for that page in order to have the list description updated to
include any surnames you know to be variants of the surname your list is for.
> Is the AUTRY surname still available? It is included in with a huge
> collection of various spellings of Autrey/Aghtery/ect, which is fine (the
> listkeeper is also doing a great job with it), but can it be removed as
> being available on the master list of available names?

The surname Autry is not included on the list of adoptable lists since it has
an admin.

This is also true of
> GADDIS, which has been given to a wonderful lady who is doing a great job
> with it and the GADDIS GenConnect Boards.

The surname Gaddis is also not listed on the list of adoptable lists or
> How long does it take for the "available" surnames to be removed from the
> master list? how current is it?
It should be updated nightly--and should be completely current within 24


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