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From: Scott Anderson <>
Subject: Re: [LO] Prepend on Listowners-L
Date: 05 Jun 2000 16:31:14 -0400

Vicki Lindsay Thauvin[SMTP:] wrote:
> I believe in reserving subject lines to be the best they can and taking
> away any character for prepends isn't effectively reserving subject lines.

What can be more basic to the subject of a message than the mailing list from which it is coming? More often than not the subjects provided by the senders give no hint that they are about list admin issues.

Let me also comment on George's solution, automatically identifying these messages based on header info and moving them to another folder. This solution doesn't work for me because it removes those files from the Inbox ("saves" them). I read my messages from two locations and often want to keep messages on the server for download at the other location. But with my mail client (and probably most other POP clients), saved messages are deleted from the server on reconnect, preventing later download.

cott obert ranston nderson

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