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Subject: Re: Name variation lists
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 17:26:55 EDT

In a message dated 10/26/00 5:06:43 PM Eastern Daylight Time,

> Hi, Joan:
> I'm not trying to be sneaky here, or I would never have mentioned it. But
> I'm not sure what you mean by "involuntarily shut down." There are NO
> subscribers to RUSSEAU and never were -- so no archives, either, I
> Nope, just checked, no messages ever. That would, I think, make my
> situation different from the GEDDIS and GADDIS lists in that both of those
> lists have subscribers and a history. But the problem of spelling
> variations and how to handle them remains.


I realize that you are not trying to be sneaky in that you wouldn't have
mentioned this if you were. To say that there are no subscribers to a list
where you are not allowing people to subscribe isn't exactly the same thing
as saying there are no potential subscribers who ever attempted to join the
list. You are somewhat forceably sending them to another list when they
might well have preferred THAT list.

I'd be willing to bet that if subscribers were allowed to sub themselves and
post unmoderated before long the list would have some subscribers.


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