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From: Kenny Hedgpeth <>
Subject: Re: AOL / EARTHLINK -Ancestry conflict ???
Date: Sat, 01 Sep 2001 12:22:46 -0700
References: <>

Are we now to relay on these IP number's ? ? with that I
was able to access . . . just now !

Can Vicki or someone explain why . . . if Ancestry didn't do any thing . . . why
is AOL Earthlink HOME . . . and sounds like a few other's are NOW and last night
having problems accesses Ancestry's site !

Do ya happen to have a IP number to access the my family web sites also ? ?

Ken Hedgpeth ~ Arcadia, CA


> In a message dated 9/1/01 2:09:05 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
> writes:
> > oan - I apparently did not get Vicki's post. Please explain "a DNS thing"
> > for those who do not understand that.
> Carol-
> Oops! I get confused sometimes about what is said in IRC and what is posted
> to the list. <sigh> Vicki said in IRC that we need to contact our ISPs and
> complain if we are not able to access Ancestry sites because everything is
> functioning properly on the Ancestry side of things--if it weren't, NO ONE
> would be able to access the site.
> To explain DNS -- it is the address that identifies and enables
> the rest of the Internet (your ISPs) to locate the sites. Somewhere along the
> Internet for those of us who cannot access the site -- the DNS is messed up
> right now and that is the problem The question is WHERE is it messed up and
> HOW can it be fixed. Since it isn't on Ancestry's end we need to work
> through our ISPs to get the problem fixed.
> For instance, to show you how we know the problem is DNS, if you type:
> into your browser window you WILL be able to access
>'s main page--*I* can accesss Ancestry right now using this IP
> address. It doesn't help much though in that I can't DO anything from that
> point on -- I can't login or anything because clicking on the link to do so
> returns me to the URLs that don't work (they are hard-coded in) and I get the
> 500 host unknown error once again.
> The same with the message boards. The IP address of:
> WILL take me to the Ancestry version of the message
> boards and I can even navigate around and post, etc., within those relative
> links. I can't login though so I can't access any admin functions.
> Joan
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