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From: "Ms. Piglet" <>
Subject: Re: [LO] [WORLD-CEM] Please help me make a mark in history.
Date: Tue, 01 Jan 2002 00:50:53 -0600
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Between both your stories and her sig file, sounds like one of those folks
who firmly believes "Your rules don't apply to ME, and don't you try to
claim they do, because I'm not listening."

Sometimes all you can do with someone like that is boot them off the


On 1/1/02 12:14 AM, <> shared this thought:

> I have this same member, Angelique, on my Adoption List, and asked her what
> the heck this had to do with adoption. She said that she had, "jumped the
> gun a little," and was soon to add a page to her site about adoption. She
> claims that she found her child, via my Adoption list, and also found the
> birthfather. It still didn't answer my question, I don't know what her
> motive are and it all sounds a little hokey to me.
> Sue*

Megan "Piglet" Zurawicz

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