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From: Pops Jackson <>
Subject: Re: [LO] Cross-list address search
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 10:21:09 -0800 (PST)
In-Reply-To: <>

I am experimenting with an Access database in which I will have all my listers
and the lists to which they are subscribed. I am also including sub and unsub
dates along with a "Notes" section for needed details (placed on reject list,

I will be glad to send the database shell to anyone who contacts me OFF-List.
It's pretty simple. The hardest part is getting all the data put in to start
with. Keeping it updated is simply a matter of entering data as people sub and
unsub. Obviously, I have all sub and unsub notices sent to me.

Someone who has more technical expertise than I might even be able to tell us
how to do a direct download from the Tools Pages. I am sending X-Commands
messages to get the latest information for entry into the database.

Jim Jackson

--- "Darrell A. Martin" <> wrote:
> At 11:40 AM 2/6/02 +1100, Andrew Billinghurst wrote:
> >On 5 Feb 2002 at 16:39, <> wrote:
> >
> > > I don't think there is anything you CAN do when they don't tell you what
> > > lists they are writing about--and it happens ALL the time. That is why
> > I'd
> > > like list admins to have the same tool that staff has for entering an
> > email
> > > address and getting a list of lists that address is subbed to. I think
> > that
> > > would help admins tremendously--not only with letters like this one but
> > also
> > > with problems where someone is trying to unsub from the JOHN list and is
> > > really subbed to the JOHNS list for example--but you don't know that so
> > you
> > > have to get out your crystal ball unless you are the admin for both
> > lists. I
> > > don't see what possible harm could come from admins having access to
> > such a
> > > tool. Of course, even that won't do you much good when the person
> doesn't
> > > tell you the OLD address in addition to the NEW one. <g>
> > >
> > > Joan

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