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Subject: Re: [LO] How About
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 16:58:44 EST

In a message dated 2/27/02 4:38:53 PM Eastern Standard Time,

> 1. Why can we List Owners *not* be given control to turn the gateway
> on or off? What is the big deal with inhibiting our access to that
> function?


You had this capability under the old GenConnect system if you were the board
admin because it was a separate function from the *pairing* of list and
board. Boards can only be paired with their corresponding list. Under the
new board system the current tool used by staff for turning the gateway on or
off is tied in with the "pairing" tool--they are all one tool. Board admins
never had the capability to decide on pairings--so I'm assuming that this is
why we now have lost the ability to turn on and off the gateway
ourselves--because pairing by admins could lead to abuse of the system.

Unless the programmers are willing to separate these two functions I doubt
admins will regain the ability to turn the gateway on and off although I
agree we should have that capability. It seems like a waste of staff time
for them to be doing that--I always thought so too when I was doing it--why
not let the admins do it?
> 2. Why am I still getting gatewayed messages that are *not* coming
> from ? Instead they are coming from
> and every single one bounces to me as {not a
> subscriber}. I've tried adding to my Accept List
> to save the hassle but haven't noticed if it has helped since these
> "Ancestry" messages come in waves, it seems.
> Any explanations, anyone?

This is something that requires programming attention to find and fix the
problem of users posting to these "twilight zone" boards and having posts
from those "boards" find their way through the gateway. I feel it is best
NOT to let those messages go to the list automatically because they contain
in incorrect URL. Best for the admin to review them and fix the URL.


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