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Subject: Re: [LO] How About
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 17:54:27 +1100
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List-admins cannot be given the ability to turn gateways off/on at the board, because it
is to be jointly agreed between both admins. There is no current way for the two systems
(boards and lists) to talk to each other to identify common admins, hence no switch. It
is something that we know about and is on the development plans. No promises.

The is a known problem and is associated with the problem messages with
the funny urls that you cannot read unless you aren't logged in. We are desperately still
trying to twist arms to get this manner addressed and hopefully with staff in Utah not off
at the Olympics we might soon see some action. Adding the address to accept and/or reject
addresses will work until the problem is resolved at which point it will be redundant.

Should I take umbrage at this "Any explanations, anyone?" <sheesh> Andrew batters
Kathleen around the head with a feather pillow. <vbg>

Regards Andrew

On 27 Feb 2002 at 14:31, Kathleen's Korner <> wrote:

> Tim or anyone . . .
> I understand what Tim has explained about the new Admin Tool. Could
> be a time-saver. Simple really now that we *know*. Thanks! But two
> questions . . .
> 1. Why can we List Owners *not* be given control to turn the gateway
> on or off? What is the big deal with inhibiting our access to that
> function?
> 2. Why am I still getting gatewayed messages that are *not* coming
> from ? Instead they are coming from
> and every single one bounces to me as {not a
> subscriber}. I've tried adding to my Accept List
> to save the hassle but haven't noticed if it has helped since these
> "Ancestry" messages come in waves, it seems.
> Any explanations, anyone?
> -- Kathleen
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> "Tim Pierce" <> wrote
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> > The precise effect of the "Allow Message Board Postings" control on
> > your utility pages is to remove from your
> > reject list (if it is there).
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