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From: "Don Kelly" <>
Subject: Re: [LO] on and off subject
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2002 10:56:16 -0800
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"Valorie Zimmerman" wrote:

"Tim is very unlikely to have success, as he will be seen as representing
a SPAMMER. Only the subscribers have a voice which will be heard. If
they do not speak up, the ISPs will not change."

Valorie IMHO is right; this rootsweb spam problem is caused by
I believe AC will contact ISPs and perhaps alter their marketing program
through rootsweb, which must produce a miniscule percentage of their income.

That would give us as list managers and our subscribers a big break, because
the way it is going, ISPs the world over have the power to shut rootsweb
mailing lists down.....let's face it.., they could bomb us out of existence.

As list owners, rootsweb problems are our problems, but Ancestry problems
are way down the list.
Our main problem is how to keep our subscribers happy, not easy with a bomb
hanging over their heads.

I have a suggestion that if there are enough complainants might work.

Everyone form groups according to whom their ISP is, and flood their ISP
with complaints about their favorite mailing list being blocked by the ISP.

If there are enough complaints.....might not take more than fifty or so, the
ISP will have to do something meaning anything from
dropping the block to kicking you off as an account. Hmmmmmmmm.

Either way, one way or the other, some kind of movement must take
place....we just can't set still and be victimized by the ISPs who's filters
are too tight.

Those same ISPs have accounts promoting porno and all kinds of spam, so
shutting something as innocuous as rootsweb off is laughable.

LASTLY, off subject, but what does the following mean? Is it dead forever,
or just suspended?

Mailaddress is administratively disabled. (LDAP-ERR #220)

Thanks all for indulging my opinion.<GRIN>


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