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From: Shirley <>
Subject: Re: [LO] Server problems
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002 16:17:33 -0800
References: <>

Joan, I don't believe we should need to go outside Rootsweb to find answers to
what's going on with the servers, lists, et al. I do believe that Rootsweb should
provide the information to us in a timely manner. And asking the HelpDesk what's
going on takes a long time to get an answer - sometimes 24 hours. LO is a more
instant method of getting answers and information. That's why people write LO
rather than the HelpDesk when something comes up. Some may argue LO is not the
proper forum, but it's proven to us to be faster and more informative.



> No--you have us doing that for you. <g> But you are WELCOME to stop into
> #list-admins if you want an update of any issue those of us
> who do hang out there have gleaned from IRC.

> While I agree that wording could have been better--I also think people are
> being WAY too touchy in dissecting every word. Good golly! The HelpDesk
> vols are there to help you and if you have questions as to the meaning of a
> response you receive from them--ask them for clarification. I've never met a
> HelpDesk vol who "bites" or who isn't trying to give you a correct and
> complete answer. Don't forget that they are also overburdened this past week
> or so (as someone pointed out there are only about 3 vols answering all the
> questions) and responses to each individual question might be a bit more
> hurried and less complete then usual.

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