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Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2003 10:41:56 EST

In a message dated 3/24/03 10:12:30 AM Eastern Standard Time,

> I can't access my administator's page even with the correct password.
> Even refreshing the pages does not work.
> What can I do to get on it?
> Zona Himmelsbach

Some ideas to add to what Lainee has suggested...

After you type in the correct password and cannot access the page--what
happens? If you are being taken back to the login page that means you have
your computer set to not accept cookies--you must accept session cookies to
use the Tools page.

If you are being told that the password is not correct -- if the correct one
being emailed to you? If not, perhaps you are not the admin for this list or
your email address as admin is not accurate on the page?


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